Launching my new website:

Hi friends... as i told u i have been working on the website from some time. I am happy to inform you all that i am launching the website today on dussera. I did all the basic work to make the website. And some pending works are there which will be done as soon as possible. so, friends please wish me all the best in my social entrepreneurship journey and be a part of my venture. and please spread the word about the website. it can really useful to every person who is preparing for civils. website name : Prep4Civils Address:


Psychology - NCERT 11th and 12th class TextBooks ebooks Free to Download

Hi everyone. As I am a beginner I am very confused about choosing optionals. Its like day before yesterday it was GEO and PUB AD , yesterday it was MATH and CHEM. Now it is PSYCHO and PUB AD. Anyways I have not yet decided about them. But I have a lot of enthu in Psycho from beginning. And PSYCHOLOGY has the highest success rate among all the subjects and it is many toppers choice. So if you want to take it as optional and dont know where to start, then here are the 11th and 12th class NCERT Textbooks which are like great books to start for basics. After completing these you may shift to some standard textbook like BARON. I think so many of you have problem with downloading NCERT books.So I downloaded the parts and joined them.So you can download the entire book as a single ebook. Here are the links

11th Class NCERT Psychology TextBook - ebook

12th Class NCERT Psychology TextBook - ebook

All the best to Psychology Students...

:) I may join with you guys.....

IGNOU - Political Science and International Relations Notes ebooks Free to Download

Hi everyone, after Pub Ad now its Political Science and International Relations' IGNOU study material.

The following are the chapters:

1. Modern Indian Political Thought
2. International Relations
3. Comparative Government and Politics
4. Political Ideas and Ideologies
5. Government And Politics in India
6. South Asia : Economy, Society and Politics

Download Links (Rapidshare) for the Notes:

Modern Indian Political Thought

International Relations

Comparative Government and Politics

Political Ideas and Ideologies

Government And Politics in India

South Asia : Economy, Society and Politics

All the Best to all Political science students....


P.S: I am not opting political science. My optional is Public administration....