Launching my new website:

Hi friends... as i told u i have been working on the website from some time. I am happy to inform you all that i am launching the website today on dussera. I did all the basic work to make the website. And some pending works are there which will be done as soon as possible. so, friends please wish me all the best in my social entrepreneurship journey and be a part of my venture. and please spread the word about the website. it can really useful to every person who is preparing for civils. website name : Prep4Civils Address:


Hi Everyone... Comment ; Suggest and Help

Hi everyone... I hope you all are fine... its been a long time since I posted something here. It is due to many reasons. Due to change of my interests I am not preparing for Civil Services. I thought I can do service where ever I am and whatever I may be. Its the motto of service is important. Recently I opened the blog after nearly 4 or 6 months. I just cant believe so many people are getting benefited and following my blog. The only reason is we do not have a proper online platform which can provide these things for free of cost. Isnt it? Why not I do it? I know what it involves. After all I started to prepare for it once upon a time.

So friends here is my idea of providing a platform for all of you get benefited in a big way. I have worked on it and going to come up with a website which can really help you in your preparation. So I am moving the material from here to there. So the download links may not work. I assure you that it will be a site which all aspirants will love. I think I will be doing service in this way. And friends I must be frank. I am not doing it for free. I will earn money through the website but not from the aspirants. Its from the proper advertisement revenue. And I am telling you now I am going to be a SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR.

I want all of you to comment on my idea. You may ask we already have so many websites. But I think no aspirant is satisfied with any of the website. I want your opinions and suggestions what all you want. Please do support me in this.