Launching my new website:

Hi friends... as i told u i have been working on the website from some time. I am happy to inform you all that i am launching the website today on dussera. I did all the basic work to make the website. And some pending works are there which will be done as soon as possible. so, friends please wish me all the best in my social entrepreneurship journey and be a part of my venture. and please spread the word about the website. it can really useful to every person who is preparing for civils. website name : Prep4Civils Address:


Introducing Group Contribution on

As you all know that our community, PREP4CIVILS.COM has the main aim of sharing knowledge with others. So far we have forums, groups to discuss among ourselves. We would like to take this to the next level by inviting all of you to our new "Group Contribution". This is a chance for all you people who want to write articles which will be read by thousands of fellow aspirants. This is a chance to improve your writing skills. This is a chance to interact with thousands of fellow aspirants. This is a chance for all the people who want to contribute to the site by making it the largest community contributed site for Civil Services.

How it Works?
So many of you might have been interested in writing an essay or an article and like to be evaluated by others. But you might not have got a chance or platform to write such articles. We make it possible. We provide you the platform where you can write the articles which will be read by thousands of people and get reviewed. All you need is a free account on our website. Once you are logged in, you will see a tab in the menu bar named "ADD NEW POST". Once you click that link you will be redirected to a page through which you can write articles or posts directly to the website. Once we go through your posts and if the post is within our rules and regulations, your post will get published.

Once it gets published it will be read by thousands of people who visit our site daily. And the comments section of the post can become a great place of interaction for your post. You can be reviewed by so many other fellow aspirants.

What you can Post?

  1. You can write Essays.
  2. You can write Editorials.
  3. You can provide Study Material.
  4. You can provide Current Affairs.
  5. You can provide Aptitude Test Material.
  6. You can post anything related to Civil Services.

So, what are you looking for? If you have an account start posting something. If you don't have an account, create one and start posting. We wish our site, PREP4CIVILS.COM would become the biggest community contributed site for Civil Services.

Ram Manohar