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Hi friends... as i told u i have been working on the website from some time. I am happy to inform you all that i am launching the website today on dussera. I did all the basic work to make the website. And some pending works are there which will be done as soon as possible. so, friends please wish me all the best in my social entrepreneurship journey and be a part of my venture. and please spread the word about the website. it can really useful to every person who is preparing for civils. website name : Prep4Civils Address:


My Journey so Far

Hi friends its been around 2 months I decided to start preparing for IAS. So far it is good. So How is your preparation? Since I am going to write the exam in 2011. I started my preparation for General studies and with lots of thinking and other factors I decided my optionals finally. I stood with Psychology and History. My reasons for my optionals are like this. In my second year I thought of doing B.Sc Psychology in distance but could not find the time to do it. And also by seeing the average marks and success rate of Psychology I decided on it as one of my optional. Then came the biggest problem, the other optional. I have many options the relevant for me are Chemistry,Mathematics, Philosophy, History, Sociology, Public administration, Political Science.
  • First I thought I am going to become IAS officer so I should know Public Administration. So I should take this.
  • After two days I thought Political Science is very interesting and half of the general studies is covered by Political science So I was decided to take Polity.
  • After a day I thought Sociology is interesting too and lot more easy when compared to others.
  • Next I thought I should take Philosophy since I was interested from long time in the subject and the combo Psychology and Philosophy is awesome. But somehow I was not postive about it and dropped it.
  • Next .. no no no I am a science student and I cleared IIT-JEE and went through Mathematics and Chemistry papers and I scored high marks in Chemistry in JEE. So I was very strongly decided to take Chemistry.
  • But some doubts and other things in my mind. So I took the marks list of UPSC 2009. I know that I should not finalise my optional based on others marks but out of curiosity found some interesting and useful things that I will post after this post and dropped Chemistry with reasons like I should study for GS and Chemistry. I should take an optional which covers GS too.
  • So back to Square One. How about Pub Ad and Polity?
  • Hell I forgot one of my favorite subject all these days History. How come I ignore that subject? I went through the syllabus , previous papers , average marks and success rate. Yes Now I found what I needed.
  • So finalised History as my first optional.
I think many of you might have also went through the same situation.Since I have so much of time I was not worried during my selection otherwise it would have been like hell. I came to know that with interest ,there should be a confidence on the subject that it wont let you down is an important factor for peaceful preparation.

Anyways Choose your optionals very cleverly Otherwise you will feel depressed.

GoodLuck to You All.


thariq said...

hi .. i m writing cse 2011 too.Already started with GS preparation.I took geography as first option.At this point of time,i am in dilemma on my second admn and sociology.Whats your suggestion dude.As we are going write the exam in same year.I hope we can share lot of information Keep in touch.Good luck to you too

ram said...

Hi..Thariq..its good that you have decided about ur first optional and u have a choice between two for second one. Both pud ad and sociology are scoring. But competition is heavy in pub ad and more no of students get selected too. Sociology is interesting as it studies about the society.If you have an interest in observing people and analysing the social situations u shud go with sociology then. take a chapter from both , read them, whichever u feel interesting ..take it... but this is my opinion only ..ask some experienced people.

thariq said...

Thanks for the advice mate..keep in touch cheers.

Midhun Girish said...

hey ram,
me too planning to take up cs in 2011... i am deeply intrested in im taking it as fist option..and i like geography too.. so i take it as second... easy na.. :)..actually im an engineering student..doing computer engineering... after reading all the blog post and interviews strategies etc i think u must take up what u like to study.. not wht others say 'is a scoring subject'.. after all how can u study something u dont like... hope all get the best optional.... god bless all of ya..

Anonymous said...

hi... friends
i hav decided my 1st optional as Pub Add but i m confused with 2nd one. whether Pali will be right choice for 2nd optional.

santhosh said...

hi friends i am froma basically from science background and strated prepartion on gs paper from 2 mnths i choose forst paper as public administration can some one help me with second paper i was thinking abuot stats and antropology

santhosh said...

hi friends i am froma basically from science background and strated prepartion on gs paper from 2 mnths i choose forst paper as public administration can some one help me with second paper i was thinking abuot stats and antropology

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