Launching my new website:

Hi friends... as i told u i have been working on the website from some time. I am happy to inform you all that i am launching the website today on dussera. I did all the basic work to make the website. And some pending works are there which will be done as soon as possible. so, friends please wish me all the best in my social entrepreneurship journey and be a part of my venture. and please spread the word about the website. it can really useful to every person who is preparing for civils. website name : Prep4Civils Address:


How to make the preparation of Civils Cool and thoughtful?

Hello friends, its been a while that I have moved to the new website with latest technology and functionalities. We have started a new discussion at our forum on how to make the preparation for civils Cool, Enjoyable and Thoughtful at the same time. The reason behind our idea is we have seen so many people who suddenly become serious in their life as soon as they start preparing for civil services. We don't think it should be that way. You can be joyful and responsible at the same time and also we want to incorporate some fun in the learning process for civils. So we started a discussion here

I request all of you to participate in the discussion and make some nice contributions so that we can implement some new trends in the preparation style of civils. Hope you all like the idea. See you at the discussion.


Anonymous said...

hi.. dis s nice initiative..., bst of luck

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